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    Carn dum : cartes


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    Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Sindarella le Mer 10 Mar - 10:32

    Source :

    1 : Enclos aux esclaves conduit vers la carte : Egoûts de Carn Dûm - 1ère partie = vers le point 4 sur la carte suivante
    2 : Barashal et la clef ornée conduit à Égouts de Carn Dûm : 1ère partie" = vers le point 5 sur la carte suivante
    3 : Sortie vers Helchgam (sortie dans la ville pour retrouver les égoûts d'Helchgam)
    4 : voir "Carn Dûm : Egoûts de Carn Dûm : Helchgam " = E1
    5 : voir "Carn Dûm : Egoûts de Carn Dûm : Helchgam " = E2
    6 : voir "Carn Dûm : Egoûts de Carn Dûm : Helchgam " = E3
    7 : Pont



    1. NE JAMAIS SAUTER dans l'eau verte .. votre mort sera instantanée
    2. Soyez très prudent en combattant les trolls. Vous serez sur sur des bords assez élevés et ils ont tendance à vous faire sauter en arrière (vers l'eau verte et une mort immédiate) et vous serez trop loin pour être rez.
    3. Faites attentions aux trous dans les passages supérieurs le long des parois. Ils sont à dimension humaine et vous risquez de tomber à travers, ce qui entrainera votre mort immédiate et vous devrez recommencer l'instance.

    Objets de quête de classe 45: les objets étant liés prenez garde à ce que les dés ne soient lancés que par les classes concernées. (je dois rajouter Sentinelle et GDR)
    - Corrosive Droplets (Leeches): Ménestrel
    - Rune of Winged Dominance (Mormoz): Ménestrel, Chasseur
    - Ashen Gorthorog Horn (Tarlug) : Ménestrel
    - Crimson Gorthorog Horn (Barashal): Gardien
    - Putrid Slime of Helchgam (Helchgam): Maitre du Savoir, Chasseur, Capitaine
    - Rune of Evil Presence (Salvakh): Maitre du Savoir
    - Medallion of Passage (Any Uruk): Chasseur, Capitaine
    - Cruel Talon of Azgoth (Azgoth): Cambrioleur

    - Heart of the Waters (requires completion of Foul Waters, Further
    Upstream, Discovering Source quest chain)
    - Lifting the Yoke
    - The Strongest Back (requires completion of Lifting the Yoke)
    - Lord of the Gertheryg (requires completion of Into the Arena, Champion
    of the Arena, Master of the Arena, The Northern Cousin, Moving
    Mountains quest chain)
    - Queen of the Host (Requires completion of The Winged Host)

    L'entrée se situe à l'Ouest d'Urugarth. Pour vous rendre soit à Carn Dum soit à Urugarth, vous devrez commencer au Nord d'Himbar et vous diriger vers l'Ouest au travers des Gates
    of Shadow. Vous avez un feu de camp à l'extérieur des 2 villes, que ce soit Urugarth ou bien Carn Dum

    (1) Entrée vers Urugarth et feu de camp vers lequel les chasseurs peuvent vous téléporter (s'il y sont liés).

    (2) Entrée vers Carn Dum et feu de camp vers lequel les chasseurs peuvent vous téléporter (s'il y
    sont liés)

    (3) Slaves for quest "Lifting the Yoke". The slaves are tied to
    polls inside the round tan huts. Before opening the door make sure to
    clear the area around the hut. Also, ALWAYS have your tank open the door
    to capture agro. A mob of several normal creatures and one or two
    elites will attack you once the door is opened. Make sure that everyone
    clicks on a slave at the same time to ensure that everyone gets credit
    for the slaves.

    (G1) Iron Gate - Shortcut Past Helchgam

    (4) Entrance to the Carn Dum Sewers. (MAP)

    Once in the leech cave you will quickly come across a platform that has a
    row of Horn Blowers on either side. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. The Horn
    Blowers will start calling in allys when players come near.

    With the tank leading the way the entire group should run past them at
    once, angling to the right until you hit a door. STOP and fight any of
    the mobs that the hornblowers call (usually between one and six).

    (5) Exit to the Carn Dum (right fork)

    This exit will lead to Barashal, a Nemisis-Gorthorog Troll that drops
    the Ornate Grate Key. WARNING! Be careful to always be lined up
    so a troll knock back will not knock you into the water.

    Head straight on the path and take the first right. Follow the path
    around to the left until you start heading north and up again. You will
    know when you are on the right path because you will have to jump down a
    small black ledge. This path will guide you around the right side of
    Carn Dum till you reach an area where you start facing Elite-Master
    Trolls with two clubs.

    NOTE! You must engage the trolls with two clubs that are pounding on the
    bridges quickly. They will knock the bridges down if allowed to pound
    for long enough, causing you to detour the long way around. Fight you
    way through them until you reach Barashal.

    (6) Barashal
    - Drops Crimson Gorthorog Horn, Ornate Gate Key to gate that leads to
    Helchgam through the left fork in the Leech cave

    Once he's defeated and you have the Ornate Gate Key go back the way you
    came. There is a ledge that you jumped down from that you can jump back
    up if you work at it. There is a small cut in the ledge that you can
    gain purchase on. Go back to the leech cave and angle to the right again
    toward the left fork
    (7) and Helchgam. (Ornate Gate Key Required)

    8 Map of Helchgam's Lair

    Helchgam: (Picture) (Special Thanks to Retsha for teaching me this)
    Drops: Lvl 45 Quest Item, Putrid Slime of Helchgam (Hunters, Captain,

    Reaching Helchgam: The entrance to Helchgam's area is though the Leech
    cave. You will take a left at the fork past the horn blowers to a gate
    (key needed).

    Helchgam is a large squid type creature much like what attacked the
    fellowship outside of Moria. You will fight your way through several
    Morroval to reach him. When you reach two elite-master Morroval you will
    be right in the room where he is located. There will be a cliff at the
    second elite-master Morroval, you will need to jump off of this cliff to
    start the battle with Helchgam. (Pets and Heralds will not be able to

    WARNING! Do not engage Helchgam until the very end of the battle.
    Helchgam will periodically hit your party with an approximately 300
    point damage and -115 agi poison, but ignore him for now. Read below for
    more information.

    The room where you fight Helchgam is a circular room with seven pillars
    running in a counter-clockwise direction from you. When the battle
    starts you will be fighting four tentacles at the first pillar. Engage
    them...the two on the left of the pillar first, then the two on the
    right of the pillar. Once you've killed the tentacles Helchgam will pull
    the first pillar down. After awhile Helchgam will destroy the pillar,
    pulling it into the green water (and anyone standing on it). Once he
    pulls down the seventh pillar he will leave that one floating until he

    You will continue this pattern through all seven pillars. Again, DO NOT
    ATTACK Helchgam, EVEN FROM A DISTANCE, until you have defeated the last
    pillars tentacles. All it does is cause him to regen and attack you

    Helchgam himself is very easy to defeat. Once you've reached the last
    pillar have your melee people run to the edge of it and engage him while
    the ranged combat attack from a distance.

    NOTE: If you need a rest for power regen, just have the party hide
    behind a pillar once you've defeated the tentacles at the pillar until
    everyone is ready for the next battle. You will be in combat mode, so
    the regen will take awhile (a good time for a bio break)

    (9) Tower with Elite Boss - Salvakh
    DROPS: Rune of Evil Presence

    The gate next to Salvakh will not drop until Salvakh has been defeated,
    who is in the last room of the tower hallway on the right. There are two
    other rooms on the right with Angarim that cannot be engaged and one on
    the left with pale folk in it.

    Before going near Salvakh engage and kill the pale folk in the room
    across from him. This will enable you to engage and kill the Angarim in
    the first two rooms. Once the area is clear have someone go close to
    Salvakh to start the battle. He is like a silk spinner and will summon
    spiders, and cannot be mezzed or stunned.

    (10) QUEST: The Strongest Back (Escort Quest) (Pink Line)
    Before talking with Erscin make sure to clear everything out of the area
    leading to him, including around him. This will help prevent adds from
    attacking. When you talk to Erscin an escort quest will start, spawing a
    few dozen sleeping Gorogoth. The quest bugged on us last time we did
    it, but you should be able to just put everyone on auto-follow and
    follow him out without ever having to fight again. (good time for a bio

    (11) Azgoth (Nemesis) (Blue Line)
    Drops: Iron Gate Key, Cruel Talon of Azgoth (Burgular)

    Azgoth is the only Morroval close to her that can be engaged. Be careful
    to not pull her past the small pull with the skulls around it as she
    will reset if anyone runs past that area.

    DEFEATING AZGOTH: The key to Azgoth is to take her down quickly. Have
    everyone stand in a close pile around her attacking. She will keep
    summoning more Morroval, so stay in a tight pack with the guardian
    spamming area effect taunts. CHAMPIONS: Use your clobber skill as it
    interrupts her summoning adds.

    All other classes should use their AOE spells whenever new spawns
    appear. The recommended fellowship move is RRRRRG or RRRRRB to do quick
    damage and receive a heal over time or power. Do not bother with doing
    yellow fellowship moves as she disappears periodically during the fight
    canceling any buffs on her.

    (12) Cargul (Elite-Master) (Yellow Line)
    The Cargul is surrounded by several high priest that can't be attacked.
    When you get close they will start praying to the Cargul. Pull each one
    individually from a distance. They will spawn a few pale folk to fight
    with them. Once all the priest are dead the Cargul will attack.

    Follow the yellow line around to the castle. You can avoid almost every
    fight by just staying along the walls until your on the path heading due
    north, then just staying on the left all the way to the wall.

    There are two Gorhorog's walking down the center path. Kill both of
    these and you can have a clear, wide path all the way to the gate of the

    WARNING!: There are several hidden horn-blowers along the way. Keep your
    eye open for them and take them down quickly.

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Sindarella le Mer 10 Mar - 11:09

    Egoûts de Carn Dûm - 1ere partie

    Cartes :
    Texte :

    ATTENTION : L'eau est mortelle. Un seul pas dans l'eau suffit à vous éliminer

    Entrées et Sorties
    - Vers le point 4 : Entrée principale (venant de la ville de Carn Dûm)
    - Vers le point 5 : Sortie vers Barashal et la clef ornée (sortie dans la ville)
    - Vers le point 7 : Sortie vers Helchgam (sortie dans la ville pour retrouver les égoûts d'Helchgam)

    1 : Plateau des souffleurs de cors : (Toute la communauté, sans exception, doit monter sur le plateau pour éliminer au plus vite les souffleurs de cors. Il faut les tuer avant qu'ils appellent des Ourouks élites. Si une personne de la communauté reste en dehors du plateau, il y aura une re-génération de souffleurs jusqu'à la mort du groupe)

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Sindarella le Mer 10 Mar - 11:15

    Egoûts de Carn Dûm – Helchgam
    ATTENTION : L'eau est mortelle. Un seul pas dans l'eau suffit à vous éliminer

    Entrées et Sorties
    - Vers le Point 8 : Entrées principale par la ville (venant de la 1ère partie des égouts)
    - G1 : Entrée secondaire avec la clef des portes de fer (se situe près des enclos à esclaves)
    - Vers le Point 9 : sortie sur la place du Cargûl (permet de rejoindre la reine Morovale et le château du Roi-Sorcier) : cette sortie se situe aux étages supérieurs.

    o A la dernière porte vous affronterez Salvakh
    1 : Les lieutenants Morovales (à éliminer pour pouvoir affronter Helchgam)
    2 : Les tentacules : c'est ce qu'il faut éliminer en premier
    3 : Les piliers :après avoir éliminé la première série de tentacules, il faut, pour chaque pilier, abattre les tentacules qui sont de chaque côté. Après avoir "nettoyé" un pilier celui-ci est abattue par Helchgam. Là, il vous faut monter sur le pilier pour le combattre et revenir sur la terre ferme avant qu'il ne le détruise. Un chasseur sera le bienvenu pour
    finir cette sale pieuvre à distance. Toute l'opération des 4 piliers se fait en combat du début à la fin. 1er pilier détruit par Helchgam vers 35 000 PM, le 2nd vers 24 000 PM et le 3ème vers 14 000 PM

    4 : Helchgam : le combat se passe sur le 4ème pilier qui ne sera pas détruit (ne glissez pas)

    Carn Dum : Château du roi sorcier

    En bas de la carte : Entrée (mais pas de sortie ?)
    Salle verte : Tarlug
    Zone violette : Plusieurs ennemis sont à détruire à différents niveau :
    - Rez de chaussé : Mormoz (la fausse reine Morrovale)
    - Niveau 1 : Radakhan et Mura (elle apparait alors que Radakhan est presque morte)
    - Niveau 2 : Gurthul
    - Au debut de la zone violette : vers la Tanière de Mordirith
    Salle orange tout en haut de la carte : Mordirith

    Ah, yes. This is the part that was missing from above.

    Rodakhan and Múra: Keep Rodakhan busy while you deal with Múra.
    Then take down Rodakhan
    Gúrthul (drops nice Champion's cloak - Shadow-wrap):
    Will have to be defeated seven times. Otherwise straightforward

    In both cases, clear out rooms around the sides before engaging boss.

    For Mordirith I know very little, as we wiped rather fast on our one try
    so far (no tank and a minstrel with lag problems)
    - He knocks, so watch so you won't be knocked into the lava
    - First wave of adds is weak (can't remember details)
    - Second wave is four wood-trolls with nasty AoE (this is where
    we wiped )

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  celebrimdath le Mer 10 Mar - 12:20

    Que dire Sindarella si ce n'est un grand merci et un grand bravo pour cette aide bien utile. C'est un sacré boulot !

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Sindarella le Mer 10 Mar - 12:35

    J'ai pas le courage de continuer maintenant : ca prend plusieurs heures de rechercher l'info et surtout les commentaires à associer aux bons numéros sur les cartes.

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Yarfeagrim le Jeu 11 Mar - 11:01

    bravo Sindarella toujours trés efficace dans tes didacticiels Wink

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    Re: Carn dum : cartes

    Message  Andii le Jeu 11 Mar - 11:11

    Bravo, encore de belles informations, vive Les Lames

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